Studio Struggles

March 16, 2014

Winter here in Wisconsin has been so long and colorless. The snow has been so consistent that it remains fresh and white….and, very beautiful. I now see my desire to paint these large, colorful, whimsical gardens!!!! These paintings have provided the balance winter screams for .

I just returned from a trip to Naples, Florida. The fresh air and sunshine….the gardens and the grass…the salt and sea air…all serve to rejuvenate!!! Bob and I stayed with my parents in their place on Moorings Bay. The dolphins were playing on the water every morning…the eagles were soaring overhead….and, the birds were busy and cheerful.  Now that I am back home, I am addressing my work differently.

After two intense days in the studio, I think I am close to finishing this piece. My mind is full of new ideas and I can’t wait to start some new paintings. This piece is most likely the last of this series. It has been a constant challenge…the size was almost too big to control. Painting in watercolor …and having to keep the piece flat….makes the perspective while painting a bit obscured.  It makes stepping away and critiquing the piece very difficult. I find myself standing on stools and counters to get a better perspective.

Hoping to have this piece completed in a few more days!!!!image image image


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